English Language Consultant & Trainer

Jean Gilhead

Imagine How Good It Would Feel to Communicate in English with Confidence!


Do you get frustrated when trying to be understood?

Would you like to improve your fluency, increase your vocabulary, and perfect your pronunciation?

Do you need a better level of English for your work, international travel, or simply for the joy of communicating easily with other English speakers?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, I understand. For over 25 years, I have been teaching English and Communication Skills to adults, with both Business English and General English, and have helped many students move forward.


 As a Business English Language Coach, Trainer, and Translator, I have worked in London, Barcelona & Málaga in Spain, and online.

I have taught English:

  • At Executive level in several banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and design companies,
  • On summer courses at the official Language Academy of Barcelona (Escola Oficial d’Idiomes) in Drassanes and Vall d’Hebron,
  • And at Business Schools in Barcelona: International House, IKL, ICL, The English Centre, and Merit Training.

My work is dedicated to helping people achieve their communication dreams, goals, and visions. 

If Giving Presentations Is Your Challenge…


Using my business background and experience, I run workshops on how to structure and deliver personal and business presentations. Over the years, I have helped surgeons, economists, and company bosses in national and multinational companies to deliver their best presentations.


My workshops are adapted as necessary to suit client requirements while guiding individuals and company employees to communicate well and present their work with confidence and skill.


Clients are surprised by how quickly and easily they move through, and resolve, their fears and challenges once we start working together. I work deeply and connectedly with individuals and groups, encouraging, motivating, and drawing out the best in them.


I work at what I love with clients who never cease to inspire me.

If you need to give a Presentation and have no idea how to begin, worry no longer… click here to find out how!


Certified and Trained Life Coach in Marbella



My Business Specialties are:

  • Career Coaching : in-person, phone or online – individual sessions & group courses; Mindfulness in the workplace.
  • Business English Coaching: major Spanish national corporations & organizations in Barcelona: banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants etc.
  • Presentation & Communication Skills Training: adapted as necessary to suit requirements.
  • Translating & checking from Spanish to English: documents, reports, marketing information.
  • Writing articles, blogs & books.



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    I very much look forward to connecting with you!

    Warm wishes

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    “I have known Jean Gilhead for the past 15 years as a professional and a friend. I highly recommend her. She is a very talented, sensitive multi-disciplined person, which are the qualities required for Coaching and Counselling.”

    ~ Laurence Gérard: chiropractor – Barcelona

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