Regardless of our individual circumstances, we always make choices and always have choices, even if they’re only how we choose to deal with the situations we find ourselves in. 

It’s our choices that empower us. Believing we don’t have choices disempowers us, makes us victims of our circumstances, blows us this way and that by the force of these circumstances. However, we can start to turn any situation around, no matter how dire it may seem, by choosing to relax into it and accept it with as much grace as we can manage, to stand back and observe it objectively, and to place an intention on finding a way through it for the benefit of all.

At some point in our lives we understand that life is just ‘life’, full of ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad; sometimes a struggle, often unfair. But we can choose to see life as a train journey with a beginning, a middle and an end. While we’re travelling through the space and time of our own particular journey of life, some people get on board and stay with us to the end of the line, while others get off along the way – they have other journeys to take, while even more jump on for just a short ride of one or two stops and we never see or hear from them again.

Using the train journey analogy, can you imagine if every time your train pulled into a station you loaded up your carriage with more and more things, while desperately trying to hang on to everything you already had? Pictures, furniture, clothes, people even…what would your train carriage look and feel like if you tried to hang on to everything you’d accumulated as you went along life’s journey? By the time you got to your destination, you’d feel so bogged down with ‘stuff’ that you’d probably want to give it all away, or sell it…or simply leave it on the train, thankful to be free of such unnecessary weight at last.

We can get so burdened down with possessions, they become a great source of pain and heartache when we lose them.


Maybe it’s a good idea to start making an itinerary of what has value in your life right now and what is bogging down your journey and preventing you from feeling light and free.  First, open up the windows of your mind; let in some light and air. Then, accept that you chose your current journey, either consciously or unconsciously. Maybe now’s even the time to switch trains and start a new journey…!

None of us know exactly where our own individual train is going, or how long it’s going to take to get there but, remember, it could either be taking you on a boring commuter schlepp or an exciting new adventure.  Choose the latter consciously and you’ll find yourself in some good company…!

“Everything can be taken from you but one thing, the last of the human freedoms: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances — to choose one’s own way.” Viktor Frankl

If you feel the time is right to switch trains, I’m here to help you. Contact me for a Free Exploratory Session.  I look forward to hearing from you!