Communication Skills & Public Speaking


Do You Want to Feel Confident and Also Inspire Your Listeners?

Learn some tips and tricks to help you overcome your fears in Jean’s intensive weekend workshop!

Learn simple but effective ways to:


  • overcome your fear and reduce your nerves to a minimum
  • clarify and structure your thoughts and ideas
  • simplify your verbal message
  • overcome nervousness when speaking to small or large groups
  • recognise subtle body language
  • enhance your visual image
  • optimise your uniqueness
  • get yourself up there speaking
Professional Life Coach in Marbella

Open to all nationalities and aimed at mid-to-high-level English speakers.

FULL Weekend Workshop:

€490 per person – discounts for groups. Timetable: approximately 10am-5pm both days. For more information or to book your place on the next course: Contact Jean for details.

Communication Skills & Public Speaking e-Course:

€190 Contact Jean for details

“This is my experience with Jean, developing my first presentation and delivery in English. The first step in this story was when a work colleague proposed that I give a speech to the International Hydrogeology Association on the Costa del Sol in Spain, which was related to a specific professional congress. As it was my very first presentation all in English – and in front of my peers – I felt anxious and nervous. At that point I asked Jean for her help. We had two weeks to prepare the presentation and she taught me how to simplify each visual and explain them creatively. From my position as a native Spanish speaker, it was a big deal to tell a story in English, but Jean’s patience and professionalism made it possible. The results were a success and much better than I expected. I carried out my delivery with confidence and the audience congratulated me at the end. I am looking forward to giving my next speech!”

~ Ana Ortuño Morales: Hydrogeologist – Málaga, Spain

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