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“For as long as I can remember my moods have flown between extreme highs and lows. A constant roller-coaster of emotions. Quick to over-analyse, spend my time worrying and easily turn situations into doubt and fear.

I met Jean a while ago and instantly found a connection with her. She is kind, intuitive and I was totally interested in learning about the work she did and listening to her experienced views.

It wasn’t straight away that we worked together but, with my continued behaviours keeping me in the same place, I’d reached the point where I was ready. I contacted Jean and we had an exploratory session where we talked through my concerns and she explained her programme and how it worked. After leaving that session I knew her holistic approach was for me.

Jean’s programme has moved me through so much of my negative energies; energies which I’d been holding onto. It has been intense to move through but, without doubt, the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!

Now my mindset thoughts and feelings have shifted to a much more balanced place, where I feel good most of the time! I am having better relationships in my life. I feel content, relaxed, happy and grateful. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jean for all the wonderful work she does, I love having her in my life to help guide me.

~ Jade Muir: Elviria, Marbella, Spain

“I’ve worked with Jean for almost 2 years now and I couldn’t be more thankful for her support and counselling. I never really thought a life coach was for me until I met Jean and spoke with her at length about the possibilities. I also never realised that my life was missing so much of what really mattered.

I work in the IT industry and to say my life is hectic and stressful is an understatement. Thanks to Jean and some of her alternative therapies, I’ve managed to lower stress levels and properly manage my work/life balance. My absolute favourite is Tapping – incredible feeling and I leave my sessions with a renewed sense of self.”

~ Sonia Ingriselli: Online Marketing Expert, Marbella, Spain

 “Thank you, thank you, thank you! That’s really the only way to sum up all the great input and support I’ve received from Jean in our in-person and remote counselling sessions over the last couple of years. Her wide ranging experience and stuffed-to-the-brim box of coaching tools has helped me achieve new heights in my life and career, thanks to a focus on thinking BIG. Thank you, Jean =)”

~ Joen Olsen: IT Professional, Marbella, Spain

“I’ve know Jean for over 15 years on both a personal and professional basis and I find her a fascinating individual with a wealth of experience in many fields. It is not only what she has learned from her experience but also her willingness and desire to share what she knows to help you grow, that have always been a source of inspiration to me. Jean is a very intuitive, perceptive professional with great sensitivity in dealing with delicate issues, as well as a wide range of resources, enabling her to give practical advice to improve your life on all levels.”

~ Becca Ellis: Full-time Mother, Barcelona, Spain

“My objective was to gain personal inner strength and optimism about moving back to my home country within the next few weeks. At first, I found the sessions quite emotionally draining, but they had the desired outcome. I had to keep an open mind in order to benefit from the various techniques used, but I have taken on-board the findings and found comfort in the results.

The first few sessions enabled me to release a lot of the pain and sadness that I felt. They enabled me to not be so hard on myself and to be better able to cope with challenging situations. The later sessions, opened me up to future possibilities, whilst remaining in the knowledge that it is ok not to have everything planned out. All the tools used were beneficial and, even if I wasn’t initially 100% sure of some of them, as they were out of my normal experiences, I believed in them and the hope that they would bring.

I have gained in personal inner strength and now have optimism for the future, even knowing that there will be struggles ahead. I am a much stronger person than I was 2 months ago. Although I still have issues and there is a great deal of uncertainty in my future, I feel I now have the tools to get through the changes over the coming months. Just knowing you are there, Jean, makes my life much easier. You are an amazing person, full of so many special gifts combined with insightful and caring qualities that have brought out a better and more confident me. Thank you! X”

~ Helen Mansfield: Travel Consultant, Málaga, Spain

“Jean has always shown great tenacity and perseverance to achieve her own goals. At a time in her life when things were most difficult she took a great leap of faith in herself and the universe and moved to Spain. Whenever she is about do something, I know she will succeed!”

~ Shauna Wyldeck -Estrada: R.S.Hom. Homoeopath, Surrey, England

“With Jean’s wisdom and advice, I was able to change direction and achieve more financial security. It’s not been an easy path but my life has expanded and been more rewarding on many different levels.”

~ Joan Lennox: Dorset, England

“I first met Jean in Ireland on a personal development course – we had an instant connection that flooded my heart with joy. It has been wonderful to have her creative spirit in my life.”

~ Rosemary Stark: Macrobiotics Teacher, Hawaii, US

 “If I were to boil Jean’s key attributes down to their core, they would have to be her natural sense of encouragement to attain what you believe in and her innate selflessness in helping you get there.”

~ Ruth Prosser: Gloucestershire, England

“Although I’ve only known Jean for two years, it seems much longer – in the best possible sense! We met at a turning point in my professional life as a marketing communications consultant and getting to know Jean and her world, very different from the one in which my career had developed, has been a valuable eye-opener in many ways.

An essential part of that world is huge sensitivity , which is one of the qualities I most appreciate in Jean – as well as her great and very refreshing sense of humour! She is also an author of considerable evocative ability and I’m now glad to see her ‘properly’ in print.

As a client of hers, I can definitely say that her Feng Shui skills have made my house look and feel a lot better. I also attended a Presentation Skills Workshop she ran and, as a professional presenter myself, was most impressed with the way in which she prepared her materials and led her students through the development of their skills.”

~ Dee Miller Duval: Marketing Consultant, Barcelona, Spain

“Jean guided me through a journey from confusion to clarity, from helplessness to self-confidence, from very dark territories inside myself to the joy of being alive.  Many things were blocked in my life but they are flowing now, moving forward.  Jean has been professional, patient, objective, experienced, understanding, steadfast, intuitive and a healing voice. She also provided me with very important Coaching Tools and a new insight. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JEAN.”

- Judith Payró Jordan – translator – Brazil

“I attended Jean’s Presentations Skills Workshop and found it very beneficial. I learned an awful lot and now feel confident that I can sit down and prepare my next Presentation. Jean is a lovely warm caring person and her workshop was very relaxed but professional. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has to stand up and give a speech. Thank you, Jean, for my new-found confidence.”

- Kath Dillon: Financial Advisor – Málaga, Spain

“Jean is a great teacher and shares her abundant knowledge generously and with grace. I have been speaking in public for many years, but Jean has helped me improve my presentations as well as giving structure to what I need to say. An extremely valuable experience!”

- Tania Mather: Tour Guide – Costa del Sol, Spain

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